Seaweed brings magic to remote islands

Living in a remote island still means limited access to many things. For poor fishermen in the Aru Islands regency in Maluku, who face this situation year after year, this is a hard fact of life. Surrounded by sea, their income is very much dependent on weather. Many, who only own small boats, cannot takeContinue reading “Seaweed brings magic to remote islands”

When the Dahlia Blooms at the Forest of Rubber Plant

Dahlia is a name of flower that most women around the world familiarly know and even adore. In an upstream village in Sumatra Island, Indonesia, women make use of “Dahlia” to name a micro credit institution that they manage collectively to support their own daily needs. Like a flower, the Dahlia micro credit institution— theContinue reading “When the Dahlia Blooms at the Forest of Rubber Plant”

Rinjani community push for forest regulations

Bali is one of the world’s most famous tourism destinations, and yet the island’s prosperity hardly touches many other parts of the archipelago, including nearby Lombok Island. Lombok in West Nusa Tenggara is an emerging tourist resort itself, but has long faced the problem of poverty among its population — whose livelihoods largely depend onContinue reading “Rinjani community push for forest regulations”

Sanitasi, Tema Hari Air Dunia 2008

Hari Air Sedunia diperingati setiap tanggal 22 Maret. Peringatan ini merupakan wahana memperbarui tekad kita untuk melaksanakan Agenda 21 yang dicetuskan pada tahun 1992 dalam United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) yang diselenggarakan di Rio de Janeiro, atau secara populer disebut sebagai Earth Summit.

The Power of A Bedtime Chat

Empowering rural women is a good way to preserve the area’s forests Yusuf doesn’t put on airs when he visits the villagers in the collection of hamlets bordering the area’s conservation forest. Because of his simple, down-to-earth manner, officials from the Forestry and Plantation District Office of Central Lampung are always welcome in Sendang BaruContinue reading “The Power of A Bedtime Chat”