Seaweed brings magic to remote islands

Living in a remote island still means limited access to many things.

For poor fishermen in the Aru Islands regency in Maluku, who face this situation year after year, this is a hard fact of life.

Surrounded by sea, their income is very much dependent on weather. Many, who only own small boats, cannot take the risk of confronting the big waves on the open sea. Continue reading


35 Perintah Dasar Linux

Seperti halnya bila kita mengetikkan perintah di DOS, command line atau baris perintah di Linux juga diketikkan di prompt dan diakhiri dengan menekan tombol Enter pada keyboard untuk mengeksekusi perintah tersebut.

Baris perintah merupakan cara yang lebih efisien untuk melakukan sesuatu pekerjaan. Oleh karena itu pemakai Linux tetap mengandalkan cara ini untuk bekerja. Sebaiknya pemula juga harus mengetahui dan sedikitnya pernah menggunakan perintah baris ini karena suatu saat pengetahuan akan perintah-perintah ini bisa sangat diperlukan. Continue reading

When the Dahlia Blooms at the Forest of Rubber Plant

Dahlia Lubuk Beringin

Dahlia Lubuk Beringin

Dahlia is a name of flower that most women around the world familiarly know and even adore. In an upstream village in Sumatra Island, Indonesia, women make use of “Dahlia” to name a micro credit institution that they manage collectively to support their own daily needs.

Like a flower, the Dahlia micro credit institution— the Independent Community Organization (KSM) Dahlia to be precise— also grew out of a tiny seed. It began when the Indonesia Conservancy Community (KKI) Warsi, a non-government organization (NGO) working on environment conservancy, was implementing its program among the villagers of Lubuk Beringin Village, Jambi Province. From Jakarta, the Capital City of Indonesia, it takes an hour of trip by airplane and about some more five hours of land cruise on rugged country roads through a chain of dense forest of rubber plants. Continue reading

Rinjani community push for forest regulations

Bali is one of the world’s most famous tourism destinations, and yet the island’s prosperity hardly touches many other parts of the archipelago, including nearby Lombok Island.

Lombok in West Nusa Tenggara is an emerging tourist resort itself, but has long faced the problem of poverty among its population — whose livelihoods largely depend on forest resources.

Most state-owned forest areas in Lombok, however, especially those in areas surrounding Mount Rinjani (which was officially declared a national park with its rich natural resources), are being continuously damaged. Continue reading

Sejam Bersama Gutsy, Ubuntu versi 7.10

Akhirnya si D400, yang selama ini akarab dengan Ubuntu 7.04 berganti pasangan. Sehari upagradesebelum dirilis resmi, D400 sudah berpasangan dengan Ubuntu 7.10 yang akan dirilis esok, 18 Oktober. Oya, yang saya pakai ini versi versi Release Candidate, karena secara resmi kan dirilis esok. Selain lebih dulu, cara menginstall-nya juga beda. Dulu saat mau menginstall 7.04, harus jalan dulu ke GudangLinux untuk mencari CD-nya. Continue reading