AIDS is “welcome” in Classrooms in Bali

HIV/AIDS infection has spread everywhere. It has even “entered” the classrooms of junior high and high schools in Bali. Wait a second, it is not that the virus that entered the classrooms, but information on HIV/AIDS.

Wirawan, an activist from The National AIDS Commission in Bali, stated that the Commission has developed HIV/AIDS and drugs education through schools. This activity is conducted together with the Department of Education using two approaches: intra and extra curricular activities. This education is given to students ranging from seventh to twelfth grade of both regular and vocational schools.

“In the extra curricular line, all schools elect teachers as counsellors for Students Care about AIDS and Drugs Group ( KSPAN ). The counsellors in each city/regency then form an institution, named The Forum of KSPAN Counsellor Teachers,” said Wirawan.

Up to this moment, six of the nine cities/regencies in Bali have implemented the programme. According to Wirawan, the schools held various activities, such as: a music group that is concerned with AIDS and drugs, drama, peer training, wall-newspaper, speech contest, and colossal activities (jamboree and dance for life). “All of which is HIV/AIDS and anti-drugs themed,” he added.

Initially, Wirawan explained, the teachers claimed that none of their students are drug users or are HIV-infected. “Then, we clarified that most of the drug using students have already dropped out and certainly are not enrolled in school anymore,” Wirawan said.

During the training, several drug-caused drop out students, mostly are already HIV+, were also invited to participate as resource persons.

The approach was indeed started by The National AIDS Commission in Provincial/Regency level and the Department of Education. Even so, in these trainings, all the trainer team comes from NGOs (Kisara/PKBI Bali and Muda Berdaya from Yayasan Hati Kita). Nearly each training was opened by the respective Regent/Deputy Regent.

”The responses from teachers and local government were all excellent. We emphasized our issues on drugs, also HIV/AIDS. During the training of teachers and students, in the end, there were also many discussions on condom,” Wirawan stated.


7 thoughts on “AIDS is “welcome” in Classrooms in Bali

  1. It’s The great article for me coz it’s contain information about aids to every one. You can send other article to my mail. thank you.

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